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Enterprise Name: Resin Keychains

School Name: Ardscoil Na Mara

Industry: Craft

Business Email Address:

Business Description:

My mini business sells resin keychains which are made from a liquid called epoxy resin. The keychains have unique designs and are all different from each batch. I make these keychains with a mould that goes from A-Z and after the resin hardens, I drill a hole at the top of the piece and twist in a keychain while making sure its secure and does not fall out easily. The keychains are made using a variety of colourants and glitters . I originally got the idea from my mum when I was brainstorming ideas for my business as she had experience with using resin in the past for her art projects from when she was younger. Each keychain is sold for €2. I do all of the jobs in the business including: Manufacturing, social media posting, financing etc

Online Address: 

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